OJHL Oakville Blades

The Blades play at

Sixteen Mile Sports Complex


3070 Neyagawa Blvd
Oakville, ON L6M 4K6
(905) 815-6177

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Bandit (Mascot)

Hello All Blades Fans!!

This is Bandit here and I am the official mascot of the Oakville Blades.

I am really thrilled to be back this year for my first full season with the team. Last year I joined up late, having been drafted and whipped into game shape by my buddies in the marketing dept.

I will be at all home games this season and my job is to make sure that you are having a good time at the games. I am the official cheer leader for the team and I am always with the fans for pictures and high fives during games.

Hey do you know why I wear #16?

Sixteen is my number because I live at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex the home of the Blades.

Also do you know what my favorite restaurant is?

I love McDonalds, they are my sponsor, that is why I have the McDonalds logo on my jersey.

I encourage all fans to visit the McDonalds stores in Oakville as often as possible.

Tell them Bandit sent you!!

This year I want all Oakville hockey fans to come watch the Blades play. We have 1500 seats available and the best rink in the league. We need lots of noisy fans to help the team win.

When you come to games please come over and say hi to me!! But take it easy on me ok, please no pulling on my head, punching me or kicking me. It is not nice and it hurts me!

Also you should know that I travel with the team to community functions and I am available to come to your corporate event and or birthday party. If you want me to visit you just fill out the form below and sent to my boss Joe Laise of the Blades.

Thanks for reading my page I hope to see you at the games.

Yours in fun;                    


If you are interested in having Bandit at your event please call Blades Vice President Joe Laise at 905-848-6000 or email him at jo.laise@rogers.com.

Bandit's return is presented by McDonald's Restaurants of Oakville.